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Before The Sun.

Image by Mayur Gala

Before The Sun 
by August Grey

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The morning sun dripped through the blinds like oil on Lana's olive skin. Drew moved slowly out of the covers trying not to disturb the goddess she worshipped next to her, but it was time to return to her own room. For the first time in three months she craved her own pillow, her twin mattress, the purple afghan her nana had knitted for her when she was two. She hesitated on the edge of Lana's bed, staring at the sleeping beauty whose face, unlike her own, was devoid of questions. Her supple lips, her soft skin, the glow from multiple orgasms still lingering like an immaculate aura. But Drew knew there was a subtle rift that shook their shared bed. A new feeling clawing its way through for her friend. Her roommate. And now her lover.

Lana's bare leg tempted Drew's mouth to the back of her knee, knowing just how the silkiness of her thigh felt under her lips. But just as practice had taught her, she bit her tongue once more. She let the sheet drape over Lana and closed the door quietly behind her.

Drew stretched in the doorway of the kitchen, her limbs in knots from pretzeling herself in positions to please her roommate. A smirk danced across her face, swirling a blush over her cheeks as the thoughts of Lana screaming her name still sent tingles up and down her spine. But her daydream was rudely interrupted as Lana’s phone went unanswered next to the brewing coffee. She peeked at the flashing caller seeing "Babe" across Matt's face. Instantly, that familiar gnawing of her insides replaced her hunger. She knew they were not exclusive, but for her it had always been Lana.

Since they had met five years ago Drew had wanted her. She let their friendship evolve, being there for her through all of her breakups, hoping for her own chance. And when champagne at a mutual friend’s bachelorette party overflowed into the wee hours of the morning, Drew found herself slithering her way between Lana’s legs.


She bit her thumb as she watched the perking pot. It was much too early for eye rolling and nausea. She didn't mind sharing Lana, but she wondered what was missing between them that made Lana keep Matt around. They were roommates. They had mutual friends. The sex was good. Especially for Lana, Drew being well aware it lacked equal participation. But she loved pleasing the brunette even if lately she felt like a novelty prize in a game of labels.

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